Distribution of Linux Operating System

Description of Linux

Linux was a family of open source software Operating Systems.Linux distribution which for both desktop and server use. A Linux distribution defined by Linux distributions.It is a Linux kernel.An operating system kernel published first by Linus Torvalds. Linux distributions are not the only Linux kernel.But are not only the kernel.But also common utilities and libraries.Which come from a large proportion of GNU projects.
There are three basic types of packages these are Debian (DEB), RedHat Package Manager (RPM), and also other distributions.

Debian based Linux distribution

Debian is one of the oldest Linux distributions and it is a very popular choice. Popular distributions using .

Deb packages:

Linux Mint


Debian is a universal operating system.It supports almost all CPU architectures.Itis very popular on server space.Debian is old stable, tested, unstable and experimental. As you go from experimental to old stable.You find new and less stable software. For managing packages.Debian uses two package directors, suitable and efficient.


It started with the GNOME desktop, but a few years ago Ubuntu Unit created.It’s own desktop environment. The Ubuntu installation process is simple and popular with newcomers to Linux. Ubuntu is suitable for package management and uses.It is graphical fronted Ubuntu Software Center.

Linux Mint

Undoubtedly a popular distribution based on Linux Mint Ubuntu.

RPM Based Linux Distributions

RedHat originally created RPM package format for its distribution. The most popular RPM-based distributions include:

RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)


It is Commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux distributions unfavorable, or short-term RHEL. Fedora uses open source new technologies and packages, especially in relation to RHEL. Fedora uses the Yum package manager.


It took off a German translation of slackware Linux.However eventually grew into its own distribution.For package management, OpenSuse uses zipper and its graphical fronted.The Yast software package


It is straight forward to put in and very smooth to use. Mageia utilizes urpmi and drakrpm for package management.

Other Linux distributions

Arch Linux :

This could be discouraging for brand new Linux users. The most philosophy behind Arch is KISS keep it easy, stupid.

Slackware Linux

This Linux founded in 1992 by Patrick Volkerding. Slackware is the oldest Linux system distribution in use these days.Slackware packages square measure merely ASCII text file. If you extremely need to find out heaps concerning the Linux system really works.Then you can use Slackware.

Gentoo Linux

It relies on the portage package management system. Gentoo is tough to put in.It is also should take up to a couple of days to finish the whole installation method.Just like the Slackware.The Portage Application conjointly uses the ASCII text file or source code.

Graphical User Environments

When selecting the proper Linux distribution for you.It often confusing given the variability of selections in desktop managers. Whereas Microsoft Windows users have one desktop manager. Linux users can select their desktop environment.Widespread desktop managers embrace KDE, Gnome, Xfce, Cinnamon, and LXDE.


By default, KDE includes many applications that each user desires for a whole desktop atmosphere. KDE has some features that don’t seem to be obtainable in different desktop managers.


This is often an excellent example of however the open supply community works.It doesn’t need loads of resources and might be an excellent alternative for older and slower hardware


It is recreates the design of Gnome a pair of with Associate in Nursing trendy bit. The minimum system necessities for Cinnamon are identical as they’re for Gnome.


To date, Ubuntu is that the sole distribution that uses Unity. Unity needs bigger hardware resources than most graphical environments. You’ll like a 1 GHz CPU and 1 GB RAM so as to induce Unity to figure. With those specs, Unity will be therefore slow that it’s virtually unusable. For Unity, the additional RAM and electronic equipment, the better.


It is associate another quick and light-weight desktop manager. Which supported the Openbox windows manager. LXDE is appropriate for old computers.


It is a wonderful selection for older computers. Lightweight and quick square measure Xfce’s two biggest features. The system needs square measure a measly 300 MHz CPU and 192Mb of RAM.

Which One is Right for You and How to choose?

We have covered packages, distributions, and lined desktop managers. However, we have a tendency to still have another issue to speak regarding this a way to select the proper Linux system distribution for you. Unfortunately, there’s no straightforward answer to the current question. If everybody has constant would like, alternative and style.Then it’ll be straightforward. To search out the proper distribution for you. You’ll get to transfer.It slow and invest in a very few completely different bistros tries.