What is LibreOffice? How to Install LibreOffice on Linux.

LibreOffice is a strong office suite with word processing.Spreadsheet programming systems, slideshows and databases.
LibreOffice is a powerful office suite.It’s clean interface.The feature-rich tools help you to that make.It is the most powerful free.Open Source suite in the market.Authors (word processing), accounts (spreadsheets), impressions (representations), drawings (vector graphics and flow marks), base (database), and mathematics (Edit formula) will help.

How to install LibreOffice on Linux:

Before LibreOffice Installation.Please remove bundled package.Because LibreOffice 6.1 can be installed alongside older.LibreOffice versions but conflicts may occur.

Before installations of LibreOffice please remove bundled:

Run the command below on your terminal:
root# Sudo apt-get remove libreoffice-core
root# sudo apt-get remove –purge libreoffice-coreB. Install LibreOffice

Step 1- Download compressed packages

Download LibreOffice 6.1 from the official download page:

You can download official website.It is so much save to another.Please visit the site.The link is below:

Download the mind pack as you need.
For the 32-bit system, select Linux x86 (deb)
Linux x64 (deb) for 64 bit system.

Step 2 – Extract the .deb packages

After download the compressed file tar or gzip.Now you can Extract the file your suitable location.Extract this juicy archive, open the “download” directory.

Find a file named:

Right-click on it.Choose “Move Here”. Repeat the drain process for all language packs. Now the Tar.gz archive can be deleted.

Step 3 – Install .deb packages

Open a terminal.

Change this directory to .deb package location:

Now go to your download package location directory.Then enter the .deb package location.Do not write anything.Use the tab to automate the command, or copy and paste the middle-click mouse button.

CD ~ / download / LiberOffice_6.1.x_Linux_x86_deb / DEBS
Or 64-bit version
Cd ~ / download / liveoffice_6.1.ax_lines_x86-64_dd/dbs

Finally, install all .deb packages:

After complete the copy .Click your choose version.Now you can run the command below.On your terminal.
root# sudo dpkg -i * .deb

If you are inserting language packs.Repeat the CD and DPCG steps for each language pack.

You did it

There should be no resume.LibreOffice is ready to use.If you have any problems installing LibreOffice.Youcan accept the next command.


If you are entering a development Beta version.Development of LO-half-dozen.2. You will be able to start it with the next command below.

root# lodev6.2

Uninstalling LibreOffice

If you want to remove your LibreOffice.You just run the command below on your terminal.

root# sudo apt-get remove libreoffice6.2*

root# sudo apt-get remove lodev*

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