5 Best Media Player on Linux

VLC Player

The Media player VLC is a very popular videos player worldwide. It was first published in 2001 under Video LAN project. VLC Media player is an open source media player.Which support approximately all media file types on Linux. This Player support network shares browsing, downloading subtitles, video playlists, pop up video and etc. You can play by VLC Media player a media file from a DVD and USB flash drive. A range of API versions are supported in VLC Media player. VLC Media player will also offer you its own Add-ons for your Browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and etc. You can play by VLC Media player such as high definition video including the format – MPEG version-1, 2, 4, HVC, HEVC on Linux. Also you can play all audio files in VLC Media Player.

Bomi (CM Player)

Bomi Media player is one of the most and popularly.Known as CM Player that will offer you to play all types of Video file. This CM video player is truly easy to use and also provides some powerful features.Which you will find in the circumstance menu. It works in fact well on Linux and provides GUI features at the same time. The Bomi (CM) Player generally saves your all playback record which helps to browse your old playlist. Also Bomi (CM Player) supports Audio file and Subtitle at all.

SM Player

SM player is another fantastic and very popular media player on Linux. That support for all the default formats such as other media players. SM player is built in a codec.Which helps you to play YouTube Video directly from this player. This player will load the subtitle of a movie from the internet. When you will play video by SM player, it saves your all history. It is wholly resume supported video player. This player will play the videos at the same point which you previously stopped playing.


Micro is totally free and open source video player.That plays any type of a media file. This player supports all most all codec that will offer you to play video easily. There are simple video converter available in Micro,which will allow you to convert almost any video with Miro into mp4/h264. This player is easy to use and helpful for downloading and playing media files from online.

MPV player

MPV is a most and popular player and its supports almost all video files that’s why it is one of the best Linux video players. This player has some additional codec that will help you to play a high quality video file. Also it has OpenGL based video output that supports video scaling with color management, high-quality algorithms, frame timing and more. In addition, MPV player will offer Media encoding functionality, smooth transition etc.

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