How to Install Unijoy on Linux

To install Unijoy on Ubuntu, first open your terminal.

Run the command below on your terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n m17n-db ibus-gtk m17n-contrib

This is sudo command, so you’ve to enter your password to proceed. When typing you won’t see your password, but in the background it gets input. So just type your password and hit enter.

If you see an error saying “E: package ‘m17n-contrib’ has no installation candidate”, just ommit the m17n-contrib package.

installing unijoy on ubuntu

Use the following command for omitting the m17n-contrib package

$ sudo apt-get install ibus-m17n m17n-db ibus-gtk

This may take sometime depending on your internet connection speed.

When finished, we need to verify the installation. Run the following command

$ sudo dpkg -L m17n-db | grep unijoy

If everything seems fine, you should see the following screen:

unijoy installation verification in ubuntu

Now enter the following command, to run the ibus daemon:

$ ibus-daemon -xdr

Now open up Settings, and navigate to Region & Language

Click on the “+” Button in the Input Sources Section.

Click on the three dots. And scroll the list at the bottom.

Now Click on the “Other” button. Note that, clicking on “Other” button might freeze the window for a moment. Just be patient, the system will take some time to load the all other input source types.

Now Select “Bengla (unijoy (m17n))” And click “Add”.

Now notice the “Input Sources” section. “Bangla (unijoy(m17n))” is now added.

Now open any text editor, and in the keyboard, type “super+space” at the same time to change the input method. Note that, super key is the windows logo key in the keyboard.

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