How to Install Ibus-Avro on Ubuntu

If you want to write an Avro that you are using humanoid and Avro windows with radicals, you must first Ibus-Avro install.
Putting this approach often corresponds to Unijoy, although there are some differences. You might want to install ubuntu, if you already don’t have.

Step 1: you need to be featured in the Ibus-Avro repository on Ubuntu.
To do.
It only copies the following command and runs it on your keyboard.
Step 2: you have key properties by running the next command on the terminal.
Step 3: you should update package list to access correct required file to install this software.  To run this command.
Step 4: Run this command now.

You have installed Ibus-Avro please run the command below
on your terminal:

root#sudo wget ""

root# sudo dpkg -i avro_2.0-1_all.deb

root# sudo apt-get install -f

root# ibus restart

Uninstalling ibus-avro
root# sudo apt-get remove ibus-avro-trusty

You’ve finished and enjoyed Avro.

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