Linux Configuration Directory description

Configuration directory

The configuration directory contains configured files which configures the parameters and initial settings for some computer programs.

Configuration directory have following sub-diectories there are :


Now we will describe configuration /boot directory below.

Configuration /boot directory

‘/boot’ directory contains boot loader files which are essential to boot the system of linux environment. In other words, they only contain files which are need for a basic Linux system to get up and going.

Now you find ‘/boot/grub’ directory which contains ‘/boot/grub/grub.cfg’ (older system may have /boot/grub/grub.conf) . Which defines boot menu that is display before the kernel starts. you can practice it now.

Like example of /boot command below :

# ls /boot

Above the picture you can see, command “ls /boot” displays the list of ‘/boot’ directory.

Configuration /etc directory

The machine related configuration files are kept in ‘/etc’. Everything related to the configuration of your system is place here.

It is also contain startup and shutdown shell script which is use to start and stop a program. All the files are static and text base and no binary files can be place in this directory.

‘etc’ is very controversial. It was referr to as ‘Etcetera’ because it could contain all the files that did not belong from anywhere else. Recently it is most likely meaning is ‘Editable Text Configuration or ‘Extended Tool chest’.

The Linux configuration files will have an extension of .conf .

Like example of configuration /etc directory :

# ls /etc/*.conf

Above the picture you can see, command “ls /etc” displays the list of ‘/etc’ directory.

Some common directories of /etc are:

/etc/init.d/: ‘init’ is short for initialization. This directory contains script to control the system or to start and stop the daemons (background process). Linux command init is a daemon process that continues running until the system is shut down.

/etc/X11/: The X Window system configuration files are store in this directory. The configuration file of graphical display xorg.conf is also store here. It is also important thing.

/etc/skel/: ‘skel’ is short for skeleton. Everything in the system has a skeleton. Which is call hidden file and is store in this directory.

It is not an important part in the system and can be delete but still it serves a specific purpose. It is purpose is to serve the basic set of files, a basic framework which can be use in the creation of a new user.

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